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Petcentric offers a wide selection of in-home pet care services that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. We at Petcentric are dedicated to providing your pets with a loving and safe experience – quality care so that you can relax with peace of mind.

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Round the clock service 365 days a year

Our select staff of professional pet sitters provides consistent, quality service 365 days a year.  If your preferred sitter is unavailable, another sitter on our staff can step in.

All Petcentric sitters have passed a strenuous background check, are bonded and insured. Sitters receive both initial orientation as well as ongoing training and frequent evaluations in order to maintain our standards of service.

Contact us anytime

Clients are given an after-hours emergency cell phone number to use should they have an urgent matter regarding their pets and/or home.

In-home pet care vs boarding

For pets, long periods of confinement away from home can lead to boredom, depression and destructive behavior that can continue even after they return home. With in-home pet sitting your pets stay in their familiar home environment with their normal daily routines.

Advantages for you and your pet

  • Reduced stress
  • Normal diet and exercise routine in familiar surroundings
  • Loving care by trained pet sitters
  • Security for your home (we pick-up papers and mail and water your plants)
  • Peace of mind and convenience (no drop offs and pick-ups)

Your pet receives one-on-one love and attention from an experienced pet care provider. Our pet sitters become like a favorite aunt and are quickly viewed as family members by the pets. Pets feel secure in your absence when their daily routine continues in a manner in which they are accustomed.

A note from Top Dog and Chief Pet Lover, Wendy Fisher

Thank you for visiting our web site. In addition to providing unsurpassed professional pet care we consider ourselves a “people company”. That means we’re big on providing top-notch customer service! We want to be there for you and your pets, throughout their lives, whether you need in-home pet care, or simply advice or a referral for other pet services. Please view our testimonials and see what our clients are saying about us.

Best regards and let’s keep those tails wagging,
Wendy Fisher

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