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How Our Services Work

When you first call Petcentric owner Wendy Fisher will schedule a complimentary visit to your home where she and your sitter will meet with you to discuss the services you will require and to meet the pets. This important first visit ensures that we have all the details necessary for the high level of care that we provide and so that you know exactly what to expect from us. At this meeting Wendy will pick up two sets of keys to your home, one for your dog walker and the other for the office, for emergency use. In addition you will receive a packet of information and Wendy will collect paperwork on your home and pets routine.

Dog Walking Services

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Neighborhood Walks

Neighborhood walks are on-leash and we offer leisurely strolls, vigorious walks and/or jogging. Visits vary in length from 30-60 minutes. If you need us to come over on a regular basis each week, we can schedule a weekly routine in advance.

In addition to the walk each visit includes: fresh water, report cards detailing activity, nose to tail check, check of home for any accidents and of course lots of cuddles!

Beach Trips, Hikes and Extended Walks

If you have an active dog that obeys verbal commands and plays well with others, we will take him or her out on a fun and exciting off-leash adventure. Your dog will come back happy and ready for a day of rest. Visits vary in length from 60 to 90 minutes.

In addition to the walk each visit includes: fresh water, report cards detailing activity, check of home for any accidents, nose to tail check and of course lots of cuddles!

Potty Breaks

15 minute visits for puppies and seniors.


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We offer a very personalized service tailored to meet our clients individual requirements.  Rates are charged per visit and per pet and are dependent on each pet’s individual needs. To discuss the specifics of your pets please call us today for an estimate.

Dog Walking Questions and Answers

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Why are walks so crucial for my dog's health?

All dogs are descendants of wolves and some wolf characteristics remain, one of which is the need to roam. For dogs today that means walking on leash or running off leash. In addition to the physical benefits of regular exercise it is good for their mental health and can put an end to unwanted and/or destructive behavior.

Besides the obvious health benefits of having my dog walked what else can I expect?

Our dog walkers are trained in animal behavior and will reinforce any training you’re doing at home. If you’re having an issue such as your dog pulling on the leash or jumping up on you we’ll offer suggestions and do our best to help.

Isn't playing fetch enough exercise for my dog?

Although fetch is a great sport to do with your pup, on it's own it may not be enough. Like with humans, exercise for your dogs body and mind can be more affective when you mix it up a bit, with your dog learning various forms of interaction and behavior with humans. You don't want your dog to think that fetch is the only thing he does with humans or he can become ball centric.

My dog is a senior, should he still get walks?

Yes, staying active is a key component to a longer, healthier life and good mobility. Even older, less active dogs will benefit in many ways from regular leisurely strolls. However, for dogs that are seniors and/or overweight, we recommend seeing your vet prior to starting any new exercise routine.

How many dogs do you walk at a time?

We believe in one on one attention so we walk one pet at a time. For those families with multiple dogs it's up to you whether we walk the dogs individually or as a group. Safety is our number one concern and together we will determine what is best for your pets.

Would my dog be allowed off leash?

We let dogs off leash upon customer request in accepted, dog friendly parks and trails if the dog responds well to voice commands. All dogs are walked on leash until a relationship is built between the dog walker and the dog. After a relationship is built the dog walker can better judge a dog's reaction to their commands as well as outside stimulus. Plus, the dog has then become familiar with the voice of the walker. The safety of your pet is our main concern.