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How Our Services Work

When you first call Petcentric owner Wendy Fisher will schedule a complimentary visit to your home where she and your sitter will meet with you to discuss the services you will require and to meet the pets. This important first visit ensures that we have all the details necessary for the high level of care that we provide and so that you know exactly what to expect from us. At this meeting Wendy will pick up two sets of keys to your home, one for your dog walker and the other for the office, for emergency use. In addition you will receive a packet of information and Wendy will collect paperwork on your home and pets routine.

Pet Sitting Services

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Standard Pet Sitting

We visit your home and care for your pets while you are on vacation or away from your home. Visits are at least 30 minutes in length, but we will stay longer on request for an additional charge. Each visit includes feeding, litterbox, houseplant care, mail/newspaper/trash, lights and curtain duty. A short dog walk is included for leash trained dogs.

Extended Pet Sitting

Same as standard care, but extended visits are at least 55 minutes in length.

Overnights in Your Home

Your sitter will arrive at dinner time, bring in the mail and newspapers and warmly greet your pet. Overnight visits include feeding both dinner and breakfast, as well as an evening and morning walk. There will be plenty of time for play and belly rubs. We'll also water your plants, take your refuse bins in or out and before leaving make sure your pet is safe and has plenty of water and any toys or chewy bones requested. We'll follow your AM and PM routines to the letter.

Having a pet sitter stay the night gives added security for your home while you're away, since your sitter may visit your home periodically during the day and will occupy it roughly from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. the next day.

Mini Visits

Mostly suited for puppies, senior pets or pets recovering from surgery. All of our staff is trained in pet first aid. Each visit is generally 15-20 minutes. Mini visits are specific to your pets needs but may include some or all of the following :

  • Potty break/ Litter box scooping
  • Shots, medication, sub-q fluids (Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy), insulin injections
  • Lots of cuddles and love!

Hotel Visits (Santa Barbara only, not available for the Bay Area)

Visiting beautiful Santa Barbara with your pet? There are many pet friendly hotels in Santa Barbara, but most require that you do not leave your pet unattended. Our sitters will stay in your hotel room, give your pet lots of love and attention and will also walk your pooch around the property for potty breaks while you enjoy the sites in Santa Barbara. For those who are getting married in Santa Barbara we offer dog chaperones at your wedding so that your little one can join you on your special day!

Sleepovers in our home

For kid and dog friendly dogs Petcentric offers sleepovers in the owner of Petcentric’s home. Dogs move in and become a part of Wendy’s family receiving the same love and attention she provides her own dog.


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Rates are charged per visit and per pet and are dependent on each pet’s individual needs. We offer a very pesonalized service tailored to meet our clients individual requirements. To discuss the specifics of your pets please call us today for an estimate.

Pet Sitting Questions and Answers

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What do your services include?

Because every pet is unique and their routines vary, we discuss your specific needs during a complimentary get acquainted visit. You can rest assured that all our services come with plenty of tender loving care!

What type of animals do you care for?

We care for all household pets but have also cared for chickens, pigs, and a goat! If you’re not sure if we can accommodate your pets, please ask! We love them all and are happy to accommodate any situation within our capabilities.

Can you provide references?

Yes. If you request references in advance of the get acquainted visit we will provide a list of clients at that time. If you prefer to read what our clients are saying about us prior to meeting us, please visit our client testimonial page.

How long have you been in business?

We've been pampering pets since 1998!

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, Petcentric and staff are covered under a general liability policy through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. We have a dishonesty bond through Troy Fain Insurance, Inc.

Will you provide the same sitter each time we use your service?

Petcentric policy is to have the same sitter for your pet each time, as we believe this helps your pets feel more secure and provides consistency for our clients. In the event that your primary sitter is unavailable or an emergency arises and they are unable to fulfill their duties we will provide a capable replacement sitter. If any changes occur you will be notified immediately.

Do you charge a fee for picking up and dropping off my house key?

We request that two sets of keys be given to us at the “get acquainted visit”. If you decide you do not wish to keep the keys on file we charge a minimal fee for dropping off and/or picking up keys. If you would like to avoid the fee, keys can be mailed or you can drop off or pick up the keys at our office. We prefer not to have keys hidden outside your home.

Why do you request two sets of keys at the "get acquainted visit"?

Your pet sitter will use one set and the other set will remain in our office to be used in the event of an emergency or a last minute pet-sitting request. If your primary sitter is out of town and/or unavailable we will provide another trained sitter with your key. Each key is coded and stored in a secure area.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, Petcentric and staff are covered under a general liability policy through Business Insurers

How far in advance do I need to make reservations?

Once you have had your initial get acquainted meeting we ask for 48 hours notice, although most often we are able to fill last minute requests. For holidays, we suggest at least two weeks notice because we are so busy and we want to make sure our regular clients get booked first!

Do you charge additional fees for holiday visits?

We do not add inexperienced pet sitters during holiday rush periods, so rather then spending less time with the pets during holidays, as some pet sitting services do, we maintain your pets normal time-frame and routine. This means our pet sitters are working longer hours and need to be compensated for their efforts.

Do I need to stop delivery of my newspaper and mail?

No. we’re happy to pick up your newspaper and mail and any packages that may be delivered. We neatly stack your mail and newspapers in an area inside your home out of sight from passersby.

Would you mind watering a few plants I have indoors and outdoors?

Watering plants comes along with our service! Since our main priority is loving and caring for your pet, if the plant watering is substantial, we may charge a bit more per visit so that we can stay longer and make sure your pet is getting plenty of special time with us!

What if I am unexpectedly delayed and do not make it home to resume care of my pets?

No problem! If you do not check in with the office to tell us that you have returned your sitter will continue to visit your pet until we either get a call from you or see you in person! Before you leave on your trip we request information regarding the date and time of your return as well as ask that you call once you arrive home. If we don’t hear from you on the day you are expected to return we will first try to contact you by phone, but if unsuccessful we will continue to visit your pets and you will be charged for the extra service.

How do you hire and train your staff?

After over eleven years of business we have developed a very thorough hiring and training process. Each candidate is evaluated for temperament, integrity, experience, good judgment and suitability. Once screened, hired and trained the new sitters shadow an experienced Petcentric sitter and are closely monitored until we are sure that they fully understand our policies and standards of service.

What if one of my pets gets hurt while I’m away?

Your pet’s safety is of paramount importance to us and we have a plan in place for most common emergency situations. We have your pet’s personal veterinary information on file and should a health issue arise, we will contact you immediately, after making sure that your pet is safe, comfortable and getting the care they need. Most of our pet sitters are First Aid certified and can assess and provide palliative treatment should it be required. We have earthquake, fire and flood disaster plans in place as well.

Do you offer boarding?

Not in the traditional sense. For the very sociable dog or cat we offer sleepovers in our home. These sleepovers are offered for one family’s pets at a time and the pets become members of our own families while in our care.